Where to find a parts manual, install manual, owners manual, exploded view or wiring diagram?

Where to find a parts manual, install manual, owners manual, exploded view or wiring diagram?

Finding Your Serial Number

When seeking product information from Generac, it's advisable to have the serial number readily available. Since different model runs may include discontinued parts or specific components unique to certain units, the serial number offers a quicker and more precise method to identify your specific product.

If you don't have a serial number, you can locate it by looking at these common serial number locations in the pictures below:

Standby Generator Serial Locations
Portable Generator Serial Locations

Generac Support Lookup Page

Once you have the serial number, you can use the same webpage (Generac Product Support Lookup) to find specific manuals available for your unit. If you can't find the manual you need, you may need to contact Generac directly, as they have the most extensive access to these manuals. You can reach Generac Customer Support 24/7/365 at:

Generac Support Number

United States and Canada: 888-Generac (888-436-3722)

Printed Manuals

Due to the large size of these manuals, we are unable to email them, and they should be downloaded by the customer. If a customer lacks internet access and requires us to print and send them, we charge a $25 fee per manual. We print manuals on plain paper and send them via mail. The fee applies separately to each manual, so an Owner's Manual costs $25, and an Installation Manual is an additional $25.

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