Generator Fuel Consumption by Unit Size

Generator Fuel Consumption by Unit Size

Generator Fuel Consumption by Unit Size
Engine TypeGenerator KWFuel Comsumption at 100%Fuel Consumption at 50%
LP VaporNat GasLP VaporNat GasLP VaporNat Gas
A/C - 3600rpm76117,0001.30117,00065,5000.7373,000
A/C - 3600rpm87129,0001.42121,00079,0000.8778,000
A/C - 3600rpm1110175,0001.92195,000107,0001.18124,000
A/C - 3600rpm1616325,0003.57312,000181,0001.99193,000
A/C - 3600rpm2018350,0003.85308,000189,0002.08205,000
A/C - 3600rpm2219.5317,5003.68281,000207,5002.16184,000
L/C - 1800rpm2222312,5003.40316,000187,5002.10190,000
L/C - 1800rpm2725357,5003.90359,000195,0002.10197,000
L/C - 3600rpm3030493,0005.43492,000320,0003.52320,000
L/C - 1800rpm3232415,0004.60375,000242,5002.70226,000
L/C - 3600rpm3636500,0005.50503,000280,0003.08282,000
L/C - 1800rpm3838462,5005.20437,000257,5002.90255,000
L/C - 3600rpm4545725,0008.00730,000378,0004.20380,000
L/C - 1800rpm4848755,0007.96756,000377,5004.14392,000
L/C - 3600rpm6060818,0009.00862,000458,0005.00483,000
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