How much does it cost to install a generator?

How much does it cost to install a generator?

The cost of the installation of a generator is going to be based on the different ways you can install a generator. The three major ways of installing a generator in your home are
  1. Manual transfer switch with portable generator.

  2. Partial home standby generator, select certain breakers from the main panel and install a second panel that is only emergency circuits that are served by generator.

  3. Whole house generator, this is an automatic transfer switch in front of the main panel that runs the complete house on the generator.


Each installation method has its pros and cons. I will try and go over the basics with a budgetary ballpark number just so that you understand the minimum expectations.


 Manual transfer switch with portable generator 

When installing a manual transfer switch you must ensure that you are using an approved method by your utility company. I will only talk about the methods that are approved by the utilities that I work with and you should check with your local utility to ensure you are following codes and specs designed for the safety of the lineman.

The manual transfer switch starts at around $1,250 installed for the transfer. With a generator you can add the price of the generator into the complete number. Our recommended generator is around $1,000. You're complete all in price is around $2,250 plus tax.


 Partial home standby generator 

Installing a partial home standby generator is usually in the ballpark range of $6000-$10,000. This will include the generator, transfer switch, battery, cold weather kit, pad, electrical install and gas install.



 Whole home standby generator 

The whole home standby generator ballpark range starts at $10,000-$13,000. This will include the generator, transfer switch, battery, cold weather kit, pad, electrical install and gas install.
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