How long does the generator installation take?

How long does the generator installation take?

Depending on the type of installation that you are looking for, it usually takes a day or less. I will include the variables for the two different types of generator install.


Partial house - The install will include moving selected circuits to a sub panel that is controlled by the generator. In this style install we can move one circuit at a time so the downtime of the main panel is usually less disruptive. The circuits we move will take 20 minutes per circuit to move.


Whole House - When doing a whole house generator we must intercept the main service before it gets to your main panel. Because it is the main feed to the house we must turn all the power off to the house. In most situations the power is off from 3 to 6 hours.

The rest of the install will stay similar across both styles of installs: We arrive in the morning depending on traffic and light conditions. We will go over the position of the unit and transfer switch to confirm nothing has changed since we quoted the job. After everything is confirmed we will start the installation. We usually try and cut power within an hour of being on site. We have a crew of installers that will all start in different areas to help maximize efficiency. Our crews will finish the different sections of the install and all meet back at the generator. Once everything is completed we will do some minor testing to ensure everything is working as it should. After we have manually tested the unit and components, we will bring you out so that we can do a full transfer and show you how the unit works.

So the day will start usually on site by 8 am, power back on by 2 or 3 pm, completed and tested by 4 or 5 pm. The only major difference between a partial house and a whole house will be the time the power is out. In a partial house it will be much less but the time to do the job is still the same.

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