How long does the generator installation take?

How long does the generator installation take?

Generator Installation Duration

Depending on the type of installation, the duration usually takes a day or less. Here are the details for different types of generator installations:

Partial House Installation

The installation involves moving selected circuits to a sub panel controlled by the generator. Each circuit typically takes 20 minutes to move, minimizing downtime for the main panel.

Whole House Installation

For a whole house generator, the main service must be intercepted before reaching the main panel, requiring a complete power shutdown to the house. The power outage typically lasts from 3 to 6 hours.

The remaining installation process remains similar across both types:

  • We arrive in the morning, typically by 8 am.
  • After confirming the position of the unit and transfer switch, we commence installation.
  • We aim to cut power within an hour of arriving on site.
  • Our installers work efficiently in different areas to complete the installation.
  • After completion, we conduct minor testing to ensure everything works correctly.
  • We perform a manual test of the unit and components, followed by a full transfer demonstration for you.

The typical schedule involves being on site by 8 am, restoring power by 2 or 3 pm, and completing testing by 4 or 5 pm. The main difference between partial and whole house installations is the duration of the power outage, but the overall job duration remains the same.

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