How to Clear Emergency Stop Alarm/Fault (E2800) in Air-Cooled Units

How to Clear Emergency Stop Alarm/Fault (E2800) in Air-Cooled Units

Why are you are getting this alarm?

  1. This error code will display on the controller screen when 1 or both of the auxiliary shut down switches is set to the off position.
  2. The switches were recently put on the units to meet code requirements in the event of an emergency needing the generator to be shutdown.
  3. For example, if the house is involved in a fire and the power goes out, that will make the generator start due to utility loss. If the lid is locked, there is no other access to the controller. So, for safety reasons, the switch located on the back of the unit can be set to the off position to stop the generator from running.
  4. Please note, for any reason the switch or switches are set to the "Off" position, giving the unit an active error code, this is NOT covered under warranty. Set the switch or switches to the on position and clear the code.

In order to clear the alarm you will need to do the following:

  • Open up the unit with the Generac key that was provided at time of installation, lid locks are on the left and right side of the unit

  • Once the unit is open you will see a control screen to the right side. This will show that  you have an error code/ fault of E2800 emergency stop. In order to clear the alarm you will have to put the unit to "Off" position on the controller

  • Locate the 2 Auxiliary Shutdown switches, one inside the unit on the panel left of the controller and the other switch is on the rear outside panel nearest the controller end. Just below the lid hinge.

  • Make sure that both switches are shut off then back to the on position to ensure they are in the up position. Sometimes ice and hard rain will move them slightly and they just need to be reset.

  • Then press enter on the controller a few times and this should clear the fault. After should read either "Ready to Run" or "Run Hours (sequence of numbers)". Once the alarm has been cleared, press the ENTER key until the screen says "Ready to run" or "Run time hours are"(this means the error code has been cleared)

  • Set unit to manual (to make sure it runs)

  • Set unit to auto - and the error code has been cleared and should now say "Ready to run" It is now ready for the next utility outage. 

Left Lid Lock
Right Lid Lock


Evo Controller
Inside Aux location
Aux Switch
Rear outside aux switch

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