How to Reconnect Your Generator to WIFI? Generator that was connected but has disconnected.

How to Reconnect Your Generator to WIFI? Generator that was connected but has disconnected.

Important Note: The instruction sheet below is designed for WIFI Reconnection for generator's that have have been connected to WIFI successfully at least once, and that have Onboard WIFI.  

If you would like to open the video tutorial in a separate tab just click here.


1. Open your Mobile Link App from your Smart Device. 
(Must be from mobile device!)


2. Click on the generator card that states Disconnected.

3. Click on the drop down arrow to reveal the CONNECT button. 

4. Click on the CONNECT button.  
5. Confirm you have the items below, then head out to your generator and open the lid:
      a. Generator Key
      b. Smart Device
         (Mobile Phone/iPad/Tablet)
      c. Wi-Fi password 
6.Click the NEXT button and you will see this Please Wait for a few seconds while the app attempts to connect to the MLG network. 

7. After “Please Wait” the Control        Panel says:
          a. Ready to Run (most users)
          b. Ready, with a Warning
              (Ok to proceed)
          c. Other 

8. Click the option displayed (most       likely READY TO RUN)


9. Then on the generator Control           Panel, 
       a. press OFF
       b. press ESCAPE to access the             main menu. 

10. On the generator Control Panel,

  • press OFF then ESCAPE to access the main menu.
  • With the SYSTEM option flashing press down arrow until the WIFI option begins flashing
  • press ENTER. 


Note: In some cases WIFI SETUP may be displayed in place of the WIFI menu item.  In this scenario, select the WIFI SETUP option and press ENTER. The Control Panel will display SETUP WIFI?

Press the UP ARROW to display the YES option, then press ENTER.  The screen and setups provided in Step 11 can be ignored.


11. The Control Panel will display            SEARCHING.

  • Press UP ARROW to navigate to the REDO WIFI-NO appears.
  • Press ENTER.
  • Press UP ARROW to display the YES option
  • Press ENTER.
12. The Control Panel may display    CONNECTING TO WI-FI briefly, then SET TO AP MODE (this could stay on the panel for up to two minutes).

Once SET-UP WI-FI NOW! Is displayed, your generator is ready to connect.

13. User will see a Please Wait screen for a few seconds.

NOTE:: The user may be asked to connect to “MLGxxxx” if asked click Join.



14. User may be asked again if you want to connect to your local network, click OK.








Choose your Home Wireless Network and enter their Password. Click NEXT. 





15. Generator is now setting up/verifying the credentials.







If there is a pop up window asking to join your Home network, click Join.



16. Your Generator is Connected! 

There are details in the background processing until a message is transmitted, but the user can proceed.











17.   Clicking SOUNDS GOOD, will be return to the generator card which will now show a status of “Working On It.”
      a. When all processing has completed the user will receive an email and push notification letting them know that it is complete.
     b. The status of the generator will change to Ready To Run.



If this does not help, you will need to call Generac support to have them assist you on a factory reset. 
855-436-8439 or email

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