What to do if you smell gas?

What to do if you smell gas?

Things to remember about your generator. It is a natural gas or LP unit and the smell additive is so people can identify leaks. 

Please know that we get these calls all the time. 
We want to take care of this and want to make sure it’s our work that is causing the issue so we need to know a few things to help identify if this is a normal smell or a leak

Generator area gas smell - 
Did the generator recently run? Can you smell gas after it has ran its cycle? That is normal and could be a mix of blow off in the regulator and unburned fuel in the system. 
Where were you when you 1st noticed it? What time did you notice it? How long have you smelled it?
Where is gas smell coming from specifically? From a line we installed? Can you go out to your generator and see if you still smell it?
If you have a propane tank – do you smell it there?
    Did you recently fill your tank? There is a chemical in the fuel, which creates an odor that smells like gas. If you recently had fuel added it could be excess or they did not tighten the something. Call your fueling supplier. 

Gas leaks can be very serious and when in doubt you may need to call your utility to check. Sometimes the leak is on the utility side and not the generator. It is better to be safe than sorry. 

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