If someone calls and smells gas

If someone calls and smells gas

Ask :
Please know that we get these calls all the time.  We want to take care of this and want to make sure it’s our work that is causing the issue so I’m going to ask you a few questions. Is that ok?
Did the generator run?  Can you smell gas after it has ran its cycle? That is normal. 
Where were you when you 1st noticed it?
What time did you notice it?
How long have you smelled it?
Where is gas smell coming from specifically? From a line we installed?
Can you go out to your generator and see if you still smell it?
Go to propane tank – do you smell it there?
    Did you recently fill your tank? There is a chemical in the fuel, which creates an odor that smells like gas.
If natural gas ask do you see any physical damage or hear a sound?

I can gladly send out a qualified technician; however if the leak doesn’t involve the gas line we installed or the regulator, there will be a charge. Do you want to schedule? 
 It’s a $95 charge if we come out and it is not our fault.

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