Where can I place a backup generator? What are the clearances from any objects?

Where can I place a backup generator? What are the clearances from any objects?

Placement of a generator can be tricky. It has to do with the safety of the home and occupants more than anything. A generator is an engine that creates heat, and carbon monoxide exhaust. The unit must have adequate ventilation from anything that may cause it to overheat and cause a fire or poison the occupants of a home or building. Generators need proper air clearances to run properly so please be aware.


The main things that we look at are:

  • Clearance from any combustible materials like siding, decks, plants and trees.

  • Clearance from any intake air like doors, windows and vents.

  • Clearance from any equipment that may need servicing like a electrical and gas meters.

  • Any restrictions that may cause the unit to overheat.

  • Any conditions that may cause it to have flooding or excess snow cover.

  • Visual aesthetics and least amount of upkeep.

  • Noise reduction and lifestyle.


Additionally, the safety factors that we look at for the placement. We also look at the economic conditions. Which means we are looking for the cheapest placement of the unit. Some places may look like a better choice than others but in reality it may cause the installation cost to go way higher due to installation and code difficulties. We try and get you the best location at the most economical price that fits all of your needs.

These are the basics of unit placement but you should have a site visit to verify all of these specs as well as any local codes that may apply. All jurisdictions have different codes and are not always the same.

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