How to shut down generator during a power outage.

How to shut down generator during a power outage.

Before turning Generator off

  1. Set the main utility disconnect to off (OPEN)
  2. Turn the breaker on generator to OFF or (OPEN) to take the load off unit. 
  3. Allow generator to run with no load for one minute to cool down. 
  4. Set generator to OFF on the controller. 
  5. If you are leaving the unit off for extended period , take the 7.5 amp fuse out at controller to stop the display from draining battery. 

Nexus style Unit Picture

These controllers are in Generac generators between 2007 and 2013. The controller is similar in air cooled and liquid cooled units. 
Nexus Controller

Evolution Style Controller

This controller is used from 2014 to present and has changed internally but the visual aspect has stayed same and functions and controls are also same. 
Evolution Controller

Turning Unit back on
  1. Install 7.5 amp fuse
  2. Make sure that the breakers are still off so no loads are present at generator and utility. 
  3. Set generator controller to AUTO.
  4. Generator will start and run. Let generator warm up for a few minutes. 
  5. Turn breaker ON or (CLOSED) at generator. 
  6. Turn breaker ON or (CLOSED) at Main utility disconnect.  

  7. System is back on and will function normally. 

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