How Do I Check My Engine Oil Level?

How Do I Check My Engine Oil Level?

If in outage and Running Continuous!

You MUST Check oil level daily (every 24 hours) during continuous operation is essential for ensuring proper lubrication, heat dissipation, early problem detection, and optimal performance of the generator. Look at this article on continuous use 

‚ÄčHow many days will a Generac generator continuously run/power a home?

First find out -

What is the service or maintenance schedule of my air cooled generator?

 What kind of oil do I use?

How to shut down generator during a power outage.

Caution - Verify proper type and quantity of engine oil prior to starting engine. Failure to do so could result in engine damage.

Proceed as follows to check engine oil level:

  1. Set main utility disconnect to OFF (OPEN).
  2. Set main line circuit breaker (MLCB) (generator disconnect) on generator to OFF (OPEN).
  3. Run generator for a cool-down period of approximately one minute.
  4. Press OFF mode button to run generator off. Wait for five minutes. 
  5. Remove dipstick and wipe it down with a clean cloth.
  6. Completely insert oil dipstick into oil dipstick tube and remove it. 
  7. Observe oil level. The level should be at the "FULL" mark on oil dipstick. 
  8. If necessary, remove oil fill cap and add oil to engine (with oil dipstick removed) until level reaches 'FULL' mark. Insert oil dipstick and install fill cap.

Picture of dipstick with oil

To restart the generator:

  1.  Press the control panel AUTO mode button
  2.  Allow the generator to start and warm up for a few minutes
  3.  Set the generator disconnect on the generator to ON (CLOSED).
  4.  The system is now operating in automatic mode. The main utility disconnect can be turned ON (CLOSED).

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