Wifi Issues and Network Issues

Wifi Issues and Network Issues

Generators For Sale does back up power very well. We make sure that we keep your back up power solution ready to run in emergency situations. Part of the benefits of having a Generac Generator is Fleet Monitoring. Fleet monitoring can help us see your units status, utility voltage, battery voltage errors and faults. In some models it allows us to remotely clear faults, exercise the unit and change times for unit exercise. Not all units have these options but it still gives us a large range of options to help troubleshoot and keep you running. 

With all of these benefits it does rely on network reliability too. If your internet provider is having issues than we will too. If Verizon is having communication problems then so will we. And if your internal network hardware goes out or does not connect, we also will have no communication. We want to make sure we explain what is the customer responsibility and what part is our responsibility. Fleet monitoring thru Generac consist of an internet module or cellular device connected to the generator that connects the unit to communicate. There is only 2 components here and they are internal to the unit and are covered by Generac's manufacture warranty. You will need to refer to the manufacture page to see what that is. Some devices were after the original unit was installed so will fall under the accessory warranty and not the full unit warranty. 

After the components inside the generator, there are only the network devices inside your house. This includes modem, router, switch and sometimes a wifi repeater to extend the network signal. These are customer owned and your responsibility.
Generators For Sale can help you connect to these devices at the original install only.
We are not network engineers or internet technicians. Most of the issues with connection issues are due to internal network components or ISP (internet service provider) issues. The generator is like any other device (laptop, phone, tablet, thermostat) that connects to the internet. If the device loses connection or the connection changes IP, network name or password, the devices will need to be reconnected. For this reason we cant come reconnect your unit every time there is a network change and we will need to charge for this service. Example - you buy a new wifi router. The old connection is lost and will need to be reconnected to new wifi router. 

With the LTE MobileLink you do not have any network components at your house, only the network reliability of the Verizon network. Just like your phone, you can get dropped calls and messages. The generator is also the same, you can lose network connection if Verizon has an issue. 

The good news is Generac has support for this and you can call them 855-436-8439 to help with support. https://mobilelinkgen.zendesk.com/hc/en-us is the support page and if you don't prefer phone support. 
Generac can help you with all network issues and will determine if this is an internal issue or network issue. You must call them to get this information before we can send a technician to troubleshoot. We only get paid to warranty bad components inside the generator and not your network components and connection.